Collection of data on historical floods in the Saar and its tributaries: call for evidence

Flooding is one of the main natural risks in France. An unpredictable and recurring phenomenon, it can affect each of us and jeopardize the safety of people and property.s

The Saar catchment area has experienced flooding from the Saar and its tributaries and muddy flow phenomena in recent decades.

The implementation of the Flood Prevention Action Program (PAPI) in the territory aims to characterize the vulnerability of the territory to flooding and to propose the first courses of action to fight against floods based on the natural functioning of waterways.
The PAPI makes it possible to improve flood forecasting and warning systems, but also to develop a culture of risk by maintaining the memory of floods among the public and elected officials. Relocations or the reduction of community ties sometimes cause the memory of this risk to be lost.

However, remembering past events is better to prepare for future events!

To do this, we must first collect data and knowledge from previous events, with the aim of building a collectively shared risk culture.

During these traumatic episodes, the inhabitants often took photos, videos but also have memories to share. To carry out this work of memory and multiply the points of observation, we need everyone's help.

Also, if you have personal information relating to floods or mudslides (documents, testimonies, photographs, videos, postcards, etc.) or if you know of any forgotten flood markers testifying to the extent of the event, please share them with us by sending your testimonials to:

All of the data collected will make it possible to set new flood markers, information panels, or will be used to create awareness content.