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The Eurodistrict SaarMoselle is a Franco-German territory bringing together communities on both sides of the Saar through a common structure. As an EGTC (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation) officially created on May 6, 2010, the Eurodistrict wishes to build a cross-border living area, capable of better meeting the challenges linked to structural change and the daily difficulties of the inhabitants, in particular those linked to the presence of a border.

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The SaarMoselle Eurodistrict has nearly 600 inhabitants divided between the Urban Community of Saarbrücken (Regionalverband Saarbrücken) and five intermunicipalities in eastern Moselle (the Urban Community of Forbach Porte de France, the Urban Community of Sarreguemines Confluences, the Community of Agglomeration Saint-Avold Synergie, the Communities of Municipalities of Freyming-Merlebach and that of Warndt). If we take into consideration the associated members as well as the neighboring regions, then this territory represents a cross-border living area of ​​one million inhabitants.

Within the EGTC, 62 delegates from the member local authorities decide on the work program and the budget. In addition, this assembly elects a president every two years. The head office of the EGTC is in Sarreguemines, the offices are near the Castle of Sarrebruck.

Through the synergy of the assets present in the Saar and Moselle territories, the region must become more attractive for entrepreneurs, but also for skilled labour. The border region must be able to compete with other European regions and guarantee growth, employment and quality of life for its inhabitants.

The Eurodistrict's 2027 territorial strategy covers 5 major themes, for which objectives and measures have been defined:

The Eurodistrict SaarMoselle reaffirms through its new territorial strategy its commitment to deepening Franco-German cooperation, so that the joint development of cross-border conurbations, where Europe has been experienced on a daily basis for a long time, can continue in the interest of the well-being of the citizens who live there.

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