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The activity zones of the territory of the Agglo have a specific fiber optic network. It was built by our community.

The technical and commercial operation was entrusted in 2012 to Alsatis Groupe in the form of a Public Service Delegation (DSP) by leasing for a period of 11 years.

activity areas of the territory of the Agglo
Internet television

For individuals

In 1993, the Community of Agglomeration Sarreguemines Confluences entered into a contract with Numericable in the form of a concessional Public Service Delegation (DSP) for a period of 30 years for the establishment and operation of a cable of electronic communication on a large part of the municipalities of its territory.

Since 2012, all the municipalities of the former territory have been covered by the modernized network allowing triple-play services (internet, telephony, television). These are the municipalities of Bliesbruck, Blies-Ebersing, Blies-Guersviller, Ernestviller, Frauenberg, Grosbliederstroff, Grundviller, Guebenhouse, Hambach, Hundling, Ippling, Kalhausen, Lixing-lès-Rouhling, Loupershouse, Neufgrange, Rémelfing, Rouhling, Sarreguemines , Sarreinsming, Siltzheim, Wiesviller, Willerwald, Wittring, Woelfling, Woustviller and Zetting.

The former Community of Communes of Alba and Lakes, for its part, had signed an agreement in April 2016 with Moselle Fiber for the construction of a Fiber network (FttH – Fiber to the Home or fiber to the user) throughout its territory.
This is why, after the merger of the two communities in January 2017, this project was continued and the digital development of the municipalities of Puttelange-aux-Lacs, Hilsprich, Holving, Rémering-les-Puttelange, Richeling, St Jean Rohrbach, Sarralbe, Nelling, Kappelkinger, Le Val de Gueblange, Kirviller and Hazembourg is now complete.

fiber optic

The technology used is FttLA. (Optical fiber to the amplifier closest to the subscriber and coaxial cable to route the signal to the user). The network head is located in Sarreguemines. From it leave from 144 to 560 optical fibers to irrigate the various municipalities of the historical territory of the Community of Agglomeration Sarreguemines Confluences. The flow rates measured are of the order of 90 megabits per second, which largely covers the uses of an individual.
The Public Service Delegation contract in concession with Numericable/SFR will expire in 2023 and discussions are currently underway with a view to this expiry. It is a question of thinking about the best way to support the end of our current FttLA network and to envisage the future with the construction of an FttH network (Fiber to the home or Fiber to the user). Alongside the Numericable/SFR network currently in operation, the Orange operator is building, with private funds, its own network in the municipalities of Bliesbruck, Kalhausen, Neufgrange, Rémelfing, Sarreguemines, Sarreinsming, Siltzheim, Wiesviller, Wittring, Woelfling-les Sarreguemines, Zetting, located in the AMII zone (Call for Expression of Intention to Invest).

fiber optic explanation

What is the AMII zone?

This is a part of the territory on which one or more private operators have expressed their interest in deploying an FttH fiber optic network.