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For sustainable mobility

The action program of the climate plan validated in 2012 commits the Agglomeration Community to a proactive policy of energy transition, in particular on the aspect of sustainable mobility. This consists in developing services to satisfy the freedom of movement of people on our territory, while seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Concrete actions have thus been implemented.

Charging stations

Electric vehicles

The Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community is developing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (IRVE) throughout its territory. Today, 17 terminals (i.e. 34 22kVA charging points) are available to the public throughout the territory. The deployment program will continue in 2022 with a total of 28 terminals, i.e. 56 charging points.

electric car charging
The purchase of a badge is optional. If you use a smartphone, download the Freshmile mobile application and let yourself be guided. Available on Google play and the App store.


Hambach A4

This is the first carpooling car park created by the Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community as part of its sustainable mobility policy. It was put into service in 2017. It has 24 places, a space dedicated to people with reduced mobility and a motorcycle parking lot.
Its location near the Hambach motorway interchange allows easy access to the motorway towards Strasbourg and Metz, provides direct access to the expressway towards Forbach or Sarrebrück, as well as immediate proximity to the Europole 2 economic activity zone.
The car park is lighted and secure.

A project is currently underway in Woustwiller.



Fa Hyence website

FaHyence is an alternative fuels distribution site, located rue Dumaire in Sarreguemines, in front of the community technical center.
The site is made up of a charging station for electric vehicles, a CNG station and a hydrogen station.

Hydrogen charging station
Hydrogen charging station

Station H2

The FaHyence hydrogen station, built by the French company McPhy, was commissioned in April 2017. It was financed within the framework of the H2ME project by the FCHJU, by EDF and with equity from the Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community. The station, open to the public, is equipped with an electrolyser, cooling to -20°C, compression at 420 bars and a distribution island at 350 bars.

The station is open to the public and has already been able to accommodate various light vehicles: NEXO, IX35, GLC, MIRAI, KANGOO. It has a captive fleet, regular customers and other more punctual come to get their supplies.
The operation of this station was provided by the Agglomeration Community until July 2021, and by the company MOB'HY, a subsidiary of Vent d'Est since that date.
First station in Europe with production of green H2 on site and open to the public, FaHyence has become emblematic for hydrogen players in France.

For all information concerning supply at this station, contact the MOB'HY company.

14 rue Boulay de la Meurthe
88000 – Epinal
09 62 60 04 56
Website :
E-mail :

CNG station (Compressed Natural Gas)

This CNG station, accessible to the general public for light vehicles and heavy goods vehicles, was commercially opened in October 2018 on rue Dumaire in Sarreguemines.
It is operated by the company ENDESA.
L'Agglo, which switched a large part of its fleet of trucks and buses to CNG and made the land available, which enabled this project to see the light of day.
It is possible to refuel with CNG, BIO-CNG or with a mix of CNG and BIO-CNG.


Gas refill station

For any questions, or to take out a contract, contact ENDESA.

10, Boulevard Haussmann, 4th floor
75009 Paris
Website :
E-mail :


Inter-Company Travel Plan (PDIE)

An Inter-Company Travel Plan aims to reduce pollution due to journeys made by private car. These journeys are obviously those between home and the place of work, but also business trips, those of visitors and customers and the transport of goods. The reduction of pollution due to all these movements can go through various solutions: