Between Sarre & Blies

Transport and mobility

Waste, water and sanitation

Application for aid and subsidies

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Transport and mobility

Line 1: Beausoleil-Hospital morning
Line 1: Beausoleil-Hospital Midi
Line 1: Hospital-Beausoleil morning
Line 1: Hôpital-Beausoleil midi
Line 2: Beausoleil-La Blies
Line 2: La Blies-Beausoleil
Line 3: Blauberg-Folpersviller
Line 3: Folpersviller-Blauberg
Line 4: Beausoleil – Fulrad college

Line 6 (and Fluo line 93): Sarre Valley – Sarreguemines
Line 7: Siltzheim – Sarreguemines
Line 8A: Bliesbruck – Sarreguemines
Line 8B (and Fluo line 25, 85, 87, 88): Woelfling – Sarreguemines
Line 9: Rouhling – Grosbliederstroff – Sarreguemines
Line 10 (and Fluo line 140): Sarralbe – Sarreguemines
Line 11 – 125 (and Fluo line 121): Hilsprich-Sarreguemines
Line 12: Puttelange – Sarralbe
Line 24 (Fluo): Hundling – Sarreguemines
Line 129 (Fluo): Lixing – Grosbliederstroff – Sarreguemines
Line 129 (Fluo): express link Forbach-Sarreguemines

School circuits
Folpersviller school circuit – Fulrad college (SCO1)
Welferding primary school circuit (SCO2)
Welferding secondary school circuit (SCO2)
Route de Siltzheim school circuit – Jean Jaurès college (SCO3)

School circuit Blies-Ebersing/Blies-Schweyen (EBG00)
Diefenbach-Puttelange school circuit (EDP00)
Guébenhouse-Ernestviller school circuit (EGB00)
Remering-Hilsprich school circuit (EHR00)
School circuit Kirviller – Rech (EKV00)
School circuit Neufgrange – Siltzheim (ENE00)
Holving–Richeling School Circuit (ERI00)
School circuit Quartier Eich – Schuman School (ESR00)
South district school circuit – Schuman School (ESR01)
School circuit Hazembourg – Le Val-de-Guéblange (EVD00)
School circuit Wiesviller – Woelfling (EWW00)
School circuit Zetting – Rémelfing (EZT01)
School circuit Hilsprich – Puttelange (PT01)
School circuit Loupershouse – Puttelange (PT02)
School circuit Grundviller – Puttelange (PT04)
School circuit Saint-Jean-Rohrbach – Puttelange (PT06)
School circuit Heckenransbach – Puttelange (PT07)
School circuit Hambach – Sarreguemines (SG01)
Richeling – Sarreguemines school circuit (SG04)
Le Val-de-Guéblange – Sarreguemines school circuit (SG05)
School circuit Vittersbourg – Sarreguemines (SG06)
School circuit Sarralbe – Sarreguemines (SG07)
School circuit Sarralbe – Sarreguemines (SG13)
School circuit Willerwald – Sarreguemines (SG16)
School circuit hambach – Willerwald – Sarralbe (SR02)
School circuit SR03

School transport registration procedures

Procedure for registering for school transport – Nursery and Elementary
Procedure for registering for school transport – Colleges and High Schools

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