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Structuring projects

Sport and environment

The Bliespark, future sports complex in the Emile Gentil district

The will of the Community of Agglomeration is to consolidate the local infrastructures allowing to maintain an associative and sporting activity on the basin of Sarreguemines as well as to guarantee the accessibility of the users to the equipment.

The construction program is based on a community sports complex meeting the expectations of both Fulrad college and other high schools. Primary schools, including those in the Blies Valley, will be able to access it. Different sports will be practiced there and regional, inter-regional and even national competitions can be hosted. It will above all be a question of creating a place of sports competitions, a place of meeting and life which will be a driving force of attractiveness for the territory. It will be fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Bliespark project

And other key spaces:

  • storage rooms for sports and educational equipment
  • an educational space/modular meeting room
  • a clubhouse type convivial space (bar, snack) during competitions
  • offices dedicated to PE teachers and associations

The project management was entrusted to the architect Atelier Ferret Architectures de Bordeaux and its 5 co-contractors following an anonymous competition procedure in accordance with the regulations.
The total cost of the operation is estimated at approximately 18 million euros.

The schedule may change depending on the current situation linked to the pandemic:

January – February 2022

site preparation

February – April 2022

Earthmoving and VRD

December 2023


Bliespark project

First of all, the project will promote the use of soft modes of transport with a junction with the cycle path, the use of public transport with the construction of a pedestrian link at the Lembach bus stop on line 2 but also the use of clean vehicles with the presence of a parking and charging area for electric vehicles.

Particular attention is paid to energy management by promoting airtightness of the building, the installation of LED lighting, the use of double flow ventilation with high efficiency recovery also promoting olfactory comfort, all connected to the district heating network. A centralized technical management (GTC) will allow the monitoring of the consumption of the installations, the control of the performance of the systems and the conditions of comfort supported by technical rooms designed for the interventions of maintenance, maintenance and replacement. Summer comfort will be ensured by sunscreens while making sure to provide enough natural light. Water management will be optimized through low-consumption sanitary appliances.

Then, in order to preserve biodiversity, environments and resources, the outdoor spaces outside the forecourt, courtyards, roads, paths and parking lots will be planted with respect for the Sarreguemin biodiversity. The species planted will be complementary to each other, non-invasive, adapted, so as to limit watering, maintenance and fertilizers.

In addition, the outdoor spaces, such as the fitness trail, are designed as crossing gardens inviting people from the neighborhood to walk and allowing future bio-diversifying projects.

In addition, the Agglomeration Community will also integrate a sorting process for construction-related waste.


Construction of the new Nursing Training Institute (IFSI) in Sarreguemines

The construction of the new IFSI building has now entered its construction phase.

The operation consists in constructing a new building for the IFSI on the site of the Hospitals of Sarreguemines to replace the current IFSI, still located on the site of the former Hospital and which is isolated and cut off from the hospital bases.

This real estate project is part of a voluntary approach to strengthen the match between the resources, means and activity of health establishments, by integrating it into the existing logistics environment (linen, heating, supplies, repairs and technical maintenance, kitchen, reprography, general administration, etc.) and, this, without generating travel between the Institute and the Hospitals of Sarreguemines.

The planned premises are grouped into several zones:

The IFSI will therefore be perfectly adapted to accommodate students, trainers and administrative staff and thus ensure quality training in this field.

Early childhood

A cross-border crèche

The Agglomeration Community is committed to the project to create a cross-border crèche in the Brebach district of Saarbrücken, in partnership with the City of Saarbrücken, which is the contracting authority.
This establishment, which is aimed at children from 0 to 3 years old, will have a capacity of 33 places, 11 of which will be reserved for children coming from France. The cross-border nature lies in the development of a bicultural and bilingual educational project, carried out by a team of early childhood professionals of French and German mother tongue.
The total amount of the project for all the partners amounts to
€5. The Agglo's share amounts to 325 euros, including 670 euros in subsidies from the European program INTERREG.
Work began at the end of 2021 for an opening scheduled for fall 2023.

cross-border nursery
Saarmoselle logo

The European Territorial Cooperation Group “Eurodistrict SaarMoselle”, initiator of the operation, ensures the management of the project, the implementation of the legal and financial conditions necessary for the realization of the project. It coordinates consultation on issues related to the construction of equipment for a cross-border childcare structure, the creation of the technical conditions necessary for the operation of the structure and communication, according to INTERREG requirements. He was also appointed as coordinator and interlocutor with the INTERREG Joint Secretariat.

The Community of Agglo is committed to cross-border institutional cooperation by joining the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation EGTC "Eurodistrict SaarMoselle", created by prefectural decree dated April 20, 2010 and officially created on May 6, 2010. Its purpose is to guarantee the sustainable development of the cross-border territory by supporting, promoting and coordinating cross-border cooperation between municipalities and inter-municipalities. The seat of the Eurodistrict is located in Sarreguemines and its administrative services in Sarrebruck. The metropolitan cooperation project, supported by the French State through the DIACT and by the Land of Saarland, facilitates the implementation of projects which improve the integration of the SaarMoselle space and especially its influence at the level national and European.

Contact details of the Cooperation Office
Eurodistrict SaarMoselle | Talstrasse 16 | D-66119 Saarbrücken
Phone: 0049 (0)681/506-8010 | Fax: 0049 (0)681/506-8020 |