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Rescue services

The Departmental Fire and Rescue Service 57 is an autonomous public administrative establishment. It manages all the human and material resources needed to provide an appropriate response to requests for help, firefighting and technological risk prevention.
The Moselle is defended by more than 5 firefighters.
80% of them are volunteers.
The guarantee of rapid local assistance is based on civic engagement and the dedication of volunteer firefighters, in complementarity with professionals.

The Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community pays an annual contribution instead of its member municipalities to SDIS 57 and SDIS 67. For 2021, the total amount of this contribution was 1 euros.


– More than 73 rescue operations per year
– 5 men and women serving the population of the Moselle territories
– a strong territorial network with more than 224 rescue centers located throughout the territory
– nearly 1 operational vehicles
– more than 500 calls per day to the Alert Processing Center (CTA)
– approximately 200 daily interventions managed by the Departmental Fire and Rescue Operational Center (CODIS) i.e. 1 every 7 minutes

In Sarreguemines, the Fire and Rescue Center is made up of 28 professional firefighters, 61 volunteer firefighters, including 19 nurses and 1 doctor, but also 18 young firefighters.

In 2018, they intervened 3 times. 165% of the interventions concern first aid to the person. Next come fires (74%) and roadside assistance (9%).


Become a firefighter

Recruitment is done in several stages. Indeed, the SPPs depend on the territorial public service. Their recruitment is subject to the success of a competition, either internal or external, giving the right to registration on an aptitude list for a fixed period, then to access to employment within a departmental service. Fire and Rescue (SDIS) depending on the availability or vacancy of firefighter positions.

Alongside studies or a job, why not become an SPV! The minimum recruitment age is 16 years. Man, woman, young or less young (it is possible to volunteer up to 55 years old), there is no particular profile, but it is necessary to be sporty and in good health, to want to participate to civic life, not to have been the subject of a conviction incompatible with the commitment. It is also necessary to follow a training course of 28 days over 3 years and to be available to participate in the operational activity.
There are 3 recruitment periods in the year: January (application to be sent before October 15), June (application to be sent before March 15) and October (application to be sent before June 15).

To become a JSP it is essential:
• to be 12 years old
• respond to medical aptitude tests
• to be athletic
• to have a satisfactory level of education and a responsible attitude.
The training of young firefighters is centered around the rescue of people, the fight against fires and the protection of property and the environment. It also includes an information section on the operation of the emergency services. From the age of 16, young people who so wish can take the national JSP certificate before becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Each year, the Agglomeration Community pays an annual subsidy of €80 per Young Firefighter (JSP) to the associations that manage a JSP section in the area.
€9 were allocated in 840 with the following breakdown:
> €3 to the Fire Brigade Association of Puttelange-aux-Lacs
> €1 to the Rouhling Fire Brigade Association
> €1 to the Saint-Jean-Rohrbach Fire Brigade Association
> €1 to the Wiesviller Fire Brigade Association
> €1 to the Sarreguemines Fire Brigade Association
> €800 to the Woustviller Fire Brigade Association
> €720 to the Hambach-Roth Fire Brigade Association
> €400 to the Sarralbe Fire Brigade Association

You can also contact the Sarreguemines Fire and Rescue Center on 03 87 28 18 18 or by email at

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