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For you, the Community of Agglomeration Sarreguemines Confluences arranges zones of activities which answer the needs for the companies. We market plots adapted to your needs, from 20 ares to several hectares, to enable you to carry out your projects.

In numbers

Activity areas

The activity zones of the Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community are:

  • More than 875 hectares
  • More than 11 jobs

The creation, extension and management of business parks in the Sarreguemines agglomeration are part of the “economic development” competence of the Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community.

The Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community still has immediate land availability within the Woustviller business park, the Rouhling craft area, the Grosbliederstroff shopping avenue but also within the Sarreguemines Europole in Hambach with larger surfaces.

The Agglo accompanies you in your administrative procedures.

Business park


Created in the early 1990s, this area now employs nearly 2500 people. The flagship of Europole is Ineos Automotive, a showcase site and automotive production concept (Grenadier) unique in the world. The Behr plant, the European leader in automotive heat exchangers, and the Chêne de l'Est company specializing in the manufacture of high-end parquet floors, are also two locomotives of Europole.

The Europôle was awarded the Choose France label in January 2020 and is one of the first 12 “turnkey” sites identified in France.

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Immediate availability, shortened and optimized deadlines for applications for environmental authorization and building permits are major assets of this area of ​​activity. Located in the immediate vicinity of the A4 motorway, the companies established there benefit from increased visibility.

Developments are continuing at the Europole with the completion of its phases 3 and 4 which will make it possible to market new plots in the long term.


South Industrial Zone

Created in the 1950s, the southern industrial zone of Sarreguemines was for almost 40 years the spearhead of the economic development of Sarreguemines. More than 160 companies now bring together more than 4000 jobs in this area of ​​approximately 300 ha.
Continental, Clarios, Mibelle Group as well as a multitude of diversified SMEs form this historic business area of ​​our territory.

The Community of Agglomeration has developed within this industrial zone, an agri-food zone (high environmental quality) which aims to accommodate activities of the agri-food industry.

southern industrial zone

In order to continue the development of the industrial zone of Sarreguemines Sud, the community is carrying out two development projects in parallel:

Woustviller Business Park

Business Park

Located equidistant from the A4 motorway tollbooth and the town center of Sarreguemines, the Woustviller area now concentrates around thirty companies for more than 1300 jobs. This zone welcomes all types of companies such as RENZ France, the company PERIFERI or the sorting center of the Post Office.

Studies relating to the development of the western phase of the Woustviller Business Park are currently underway and should allow new land availability in the medium term in the area.


“Actizone” Industrial Zone

This zone is energized by the “Les foundries de Lorraine” factory. This area is directly connected to the waterways of the Saar.


Craft Zone

Zone adjoining the Hambach Europole, served by the A4 motorway, the Hambach zone now hosts a certain number of companies such as Altrans (Logistics company), Eurotek France (Distributor of agricultural equipment),
Dynacom Enseignes or even a Lidl supermarket.


Industrial Zone

Located along the departmental road D919, a few companies are developing there such as GERBO France (Manufacture of precision tools), DE ZORZI Frères (Marble-granite), Ets OTHON FEY SA (Transformation of tubes), SAD (articles decoration and insulation).


Industrial Zone

The industrial zone of Sarralbe welcomes companies from different sectors. This is particularly the case for the companies Est-Industrie, SECAL and even Menuiserie SCHALLER, which have been developing on this site for several years.


Commercial zone

A dynamic commercial area bringing together behind the CORA retail locomotive a multitude of brands in the various fields of household and personal equipment.


Merchant Avenue

This area brings together brands such as RECORD, or other major national brands.


Commercial zone

Sarralbe's commercial area is centered around a Super U supermarket, the driving force behind the site's commercial activity. Other brands have been established around this location in the field of household, personal and automotive equipment.

All the industrial and commercial areas of the Agglo

Key figures

opteamun machine
Areas Number of companies  In %  Number of employees  In %
Industrial zone south of Sarreguemines  173  44,25%  4213  38,12%
Commercial area of ​​Sarreguemines  56  14,32%  836  7,56%
Rémelfing Industrial Zone  5  1,28%  204  1,85%
Grosbliederstroff area  10  2,56%  494  4,47%
Woustviller business park  30  7,67%  532  4,81%
Hambach Craft Zone  5  1,28%  426  3,85%
Europole  26  6,65%  2451  22,17%
Rouhling craft area  8  2,05%  97  0,88%
Grosbliederstroff shopping area  20  5,12%  339  3,07%
Sarreguemines agro-food zone  1  0,26%  38  0,34%
Business Space Incubator  13  3,32%  37  0,33%
Sarralbe commercial area 10 2,56% 30  0,27%
Sarralbe Industrial Zone 34 8,70% 1356 12,27%
Total industrial and commercial areas of the Agglo 391 11053
Type  Number of companies  In %  Number of employees  In %
Constructors  81  20,72%  2679  24,24%
Automotive  39  9,97%  4313  39,02%
Trade  179  45,78%  2154  19,49%
Services  75  19,18%  1669  15,10%
Building  17  4,35%  238  2,15%