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Crystal Mosaic

October 2018, history meets. On the one hand TV Cristal, 21 years old, responsible for covering the Pays de Bitche. On the other, Mosaïk, 13, in charge of covering the Sarreguemines agglo. A mutual will, based on trust and enthusiasm leads to the marriage of the 2 chains. The Sarreguemines district television was born. Mosaïk Cristal quite naturally becomes the name of the new channel.
20 employees now hold various positions in the info, culture and external services sectors. The channel's technical equipment is exceptional and allows it to offer a wide range of programmes.

Channels of


  • Numericable Agglo Sarreguemines and Metz Channel 512
  • National Box Orange Channel 382
  • Box SFR nationally Channel 512
  • Box Bouygues nationally Channel 355
  • Box Fibragglo and Fibreso on chipboard Forbach and CC Warndt Channel 082

Digital cable Agglo Sarreguemines and Metz: Canal 512

National Box Orange: Canal 382

Box SFR nationally: Channel 512

Box Bouygues nationally: Canal 355

Box Fibragglo and Fibreso on chipboard Forbach and CC Warndt: Canal 082


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