Community gyms


The gymnasiums

The Agglomeration Community manages 5 gymnasiums of community interest:

Rue Rauski 57200 Sarreguemines
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Rue Jean-Baptiste Barth 57200 Sarreguemines
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Rue du Champ de Mars 57200 Sarreguemines
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Rue de la Colline 57200 Sarreguemines
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Rue de Rouhling 57260 Grosbliederstroff
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These establishments are made available within the framework of an agreement, with the colleges and high schools of the Agglomeration Community during school time and with the sports associations of the City of Sarreguemines and Grosbliederstroff outside school time.

For any information concerning the slots reserved for associations, contact:

Sports Department of the City of Sarreguemines
Hôtel de Ville
2, rue du Maire Massing
CS 51109
57216 Sarreguemines Cedex
Phone: 03 87 98 93 00
Town hall of Grosbliederstroff
2, rue de la Montagne
57520 Grosbliederstroff
03 87 27 22 10
In project

The Bliespark

The project to build a new sports complex on the site of the former Quartier Gentil gendarmerie in Sarreguemines is progressing. Covering an area of ​​4 m², the complex will offer several spaces on two levels:

This new complex will of course include operating annexes for the storage of equipment as well as outdoor spaces (diluted parking around the building, place for walking, etc.).
Its objective is to meet very real needs on the territory of the Agglo. The diversity of future premises will provide better comfort for certain disciplines, such as fencing for example, which does not currently have a room adapted to this practice.
Completion of the site is scheduled for the end of 2023.

The new complex in figures