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BlaBlaCar Daily

“The partnership with BlaBlaCar Daily results from a political desire on the part of the Agglo to promote new modes of travel for home-work journeys”

As part of its Climate Plan and the consultation carried out with companies in the field of mobility, the Agglomeration Community is developing carpooling for home-work journeys, in order to limit the flows generated by solo drivers and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In the current context of rising fuel prices, tensions over purchasing power and labor shortages in many sectors of activity, the impulses given by the Agglo to facilitate and promote carpooling, in partnership with the employers of the territory, constitute an added value for the purchasing power of households and the development of employment.

For this project, the Urban Community benefits from support from the European LEADER program to the tune of €50 (for any information on the European FEADER fund:

To support us in this initiative, we have selected a service provider that is a benchmark in short-distance carpooling, the company BlaBlaCar Daily.


Practical details

To benefit from this new system, workers and residents of the Urban Community are invited to register now on the BlaBlaCar Daily mobile application which will connect passengers and drivers.
This digital tool is based on the identification of recognized pick-up and drop-off points in the territory.
This app allows passengers to choose their schedules, but it is the driver who chooses the points where he agrees to stop, in order to minimize detours on his journey.


What aid can you claim?

Only carpooling journeys made on the BlaBlaCar Daily application with one of the municipalities of the Agglomeration as origin or destination will benefit from a financial incentive from the Agglomeration. This is entirely managed by the BlaBlaCar Daily application.

This help is as follows:
• for the passenger: free
• for the driver: €2 per passenger per journey between 2 and 20 km; €0,10 per additional km per passenger for a journey between 21 and 40 km, i.e. maximum €4 per passenger per journey of 40 km or more
• 3 passengers maximum per trip
• 2 journeys maximum per day

Since January 1

All new drivers benefit from the €100 bonus on BlaBlaCar Daily!

Since January 1, 2023, any driver who has not yet benefited from a CEE bonus receives €25 on BlaBlaCar Daily for making their first carpooling trip. He will then receive an additional €75 if he makes 9 other journeys within 3 months, to reach the total bonus of €100.



Hambach A4

This is the first carpooling car park created by the Sarreguemines Confluences Agglomeration Community as part of its sustainable mobility policy. It was put into service in 2017. It has 24 places, a space dedicated to people with reduced mobility and a motorcycle parking lot.
Its location near the Hambach motorway interchange allows easy access to the motorway towards Strasbourg and Metz, provides direct access to the expressway towards Forbach or Sarrebrück, as well as immediate proximity to the Europole 2 economic activity zone.
The car park is lighted and secure.

A project is currently underway in Woustwiller.