During the Mayors' Fair held in Paris at the end of last November, Laurence Poirier-Dietz, Managing Director of GRDF presented Roland ROTH, President of the Agglo, and Jean-Bernard BARTHEL, Vice -president, the prize for innovative territories.

Our partners Endesa, Véolia and De Gaulle Fleurance were also present to receive this trophy.

All of them are working together with GRDF to develop a short circuit for biogas from the methanation of sludge from our treatment plants.

This biogas will be injected into the city gas network and distributed to the CNG station for buses and the Agglo's household gas waste containers.

Ultimately, the benefits are numerous:

  • improvement of the carbon footprint of vehicles in the territory thanks to bioNGV,
  • reduction in fine particle emissions,
  • control of fuel costs solely related to production costs;
  • circular economy of wastewater treatment to supply vehicles;
  • energy independence and resilience.

GRDF will thus finance the studies to the tune of 38.500 euros. An agreement will be discussed at the next board meeting and officially signed in February.

Did you know?

This prize follows a national call for projects by GRDF aimed at rewarding territories involved in the production and use of green gas. GRDF thus wishes to highlight the territories involved in the production of green gas and its uses, by sharing the initiatives and experiences of the territories and by promoting their networking.